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Solid-state batteries becoming the future development

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Solid-statebatteriesbecomethefuturedevelopmentdirectionofelectricvehiclebatterytechnologies.  Scientistshavevividlydescribedthetraditionalliquidlithiumbatteryas"rockingchairbattery",sincethelithiumion
  Solid-state batteries become the future development direction of electric vehicle battery technologies.
  Scientists have vividly described the traditional liquid lithium battery as "rocking chair battery", since the lithium ions run back and forth at the both ends of the rocking chair, the battery charge and discharge process is completed from positive pole to negative pole and then to positive pole, and the principle of solid-state batteries is the same. The density and structure of solid-state electrolyte can allow more charged ions gathered at the same end to increase current conduction and improve battery capacity.
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